Auction 2017 FAQs

Sorensen Magnet School Auction 2017 FAQs

Q: When is the auction this year?

A:   Saturday, April 29th at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. The doors open at x:30 and the music goes on until 11:30 pm.

Q: Where do I buy tickets?

A: Online. It’s the digital age. Go to Click the link to purchase auction tickets. You may also purchase a ticket directly from the PTO. Leave your name, dinner choice, and email address for each guest in an evelope in the office for the PTO. All checks are made out to Sorensen PTO.

Q: What is the theme this year?

A: This year Sorensen goes USO, United Service Organizations, reminding each other that working together we make a big difference. We can do it! Guests are welcome to dress in military uniform or 1940’s attire or dress casually. You might see Rosie the Riveter or Uncle Sam.

Q: What is the auction like?

A:   It is a semi-formal soiree. There are about 300 silent auction items for guests to write down their bid on the bid sheet as they walk around. There is a catered dinner. During dinner our amazing auctioneer, Rose Backs, takes us through a handful of special live auction items. There is a live band and dancing. This year we have 3 no-host bars (accepting cash and credit cards); don’t forget to load a taxi app on your phone. And catering will be from Le Catering.

Q: What does the auction money support?

A: In a nutshell: everything awesome at Sorensen. The net proceeds go to fund all the magnet programs at Sorensen. This includes the stipends for teachers who teach preformance teams or Arts & Humanities blocks. Sorensen has to cover supplies for all the performances teams and A & H blocks. Magnet funds cover three Artist in Residence experiences for the students, facility rentals for performances and staff professional development to grow the Arts & Humanities.   The 2016-2017 school year cost about $70,000 to run. The auction is the only fundraiser we have to raise this money.

Q: I own a business and want to be a sponsor, who do I contact?

A: Really?! That would be out-of-this-world. Thank you! For 2017, please contact Alycia Moss

Q: I want to help behind the scenes before the auction. Where do you need help?

A: Everywhere. What tickles your fancy?

  • Do you have an eye for marketing? We need someone, or two buddies, to contact and follow up with our sponsors. The marketing team also approves the poster design layout, the newspaper ads, and any print media needed for the night of the auction.
  • The procurement team wants to collect over 300 items to put in the silent auction. You can go above and beyond by collecting 6-10 items.  Grab extra procurement forms in the office. Bottom copy stays with the donor. Top 2 copies come back to school with the item.
  • Are you fond of computers and learn software easily? Get trained on our auction software and oversee the set up of digital auction items the week of the auction.
  • Brooke Wood can put you to work collection supplies for our USO theme. The decorating team spends the entire week before the auction setting up. You can come during the day or the evening. Jump over to the fairgrounds and pull up to the Jacklin Building.

Q: I want to volunteer the night of the auction. Where do you need help?

A: Every volunteer who comes to work the auction gets a free ticket. Contact Heather Cooper-Krajic to sign up in one of the areas below:

  • Check-in and Check-Out Table: You’ll be trained on the auction software and work at a laptop for the first half, second half or all the night.
  • Greeters & Runners: Greet people after they check-in, answer questions. Once the silent auction is closed, guests can go home with their loot. The Runners take receipts from guests and pick out winning items accordingly.
  • Ticket Sellers: We need several people to walk the room to sell raffle tickets for our wine tree and beer wagon.

Q: I have an idea for an auction item, who do I contact?

A: We love ideas. We can’t get enough of them. For 2017, please contact Abby Fremouw

Q: I procured a donation. When do I have to turn in the item and the form?

A:   April 3rd. All items must be turned in by Monday, April 3rd. It takes our volunteers weeks to get 300 items into the auction software. Then, they have to physically lay them out on tables, number them to coincide with the software, and print displays accordingly. If you try to squeeze 1 item in the week of the auction, you might see smoke.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: Yes, Sorensen PTO is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity. Your donations are tax deductible beyond the amount of goods or services you received. For example, your auction ticket includes dinner and entertainment to the same value of the ticket price. Thus, the tickets are not tax deductible. But loads of other things at the auction will be. (Flat donations welcome. Those are always a 100% tax write off for you.) When you leave the auction, we provide you with a receipt that outlines the tax deductible portion of your purchases from the evening. As with all financial matters, please contact your tax professional for how the State and Federal laws apply to you. Audits are yucky.

Q: How long has Sorensen been a magnet school for the Arts & Humanities?

A: This is the 10th year of the Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts & Humanities. Since we have to raise all funds before the school year starts, this is the 11th annual Auction and Soiree. Clear as mud?